Welcome To My Blog!

Hello my friends and family, and welcome to my blog!

For a long time, I’ve felt like I have a whole bunch of ideas, questions, and weird little stories that I really want to share, but often my real-world fears, insecurity, and social awkwardness get in the way, so I decided that I needed to start a blog…to write down all of those things that pass by in my life and don’t otherwise get shared, that are in constant danger of just decaying, dissolving, atrophying inside my head and my heart. For those of you that know me pretty well, you know how much I keep in, and so I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m going to try and let out.

As for the name of this thing… 2 eyes open… it has a variety of meanings, all of them important to me:

Two eyes, because I am here, with each of you, sharing this planet, and I want to experience as much of it as possible, with both eyes open, always learning, always exploring, always asking questions…and always being attentive to those things that are so often made invisible…injustice, suffering, trauma, oppression.

Two eyes… one for viewing what is wrong in the world, what needs changing… and one for looking at what is right in the world, and what new, beautiful things can be built within it, by struggling for justice and change.

Two I’s… because one of my favorite philosophers, Martin Buber, has said that we have two ways of relating with the world, two ways of saying “I:” I-It, where we see the world and those around us as objects for our use… and I-You, where we see everything around us as fellow participants, and we truly understand and value their full being…and Buber says: without I-It we wouldn’t be able to survive…but without I-You, we are not fully human…too philosophical? Too cheezy? Well…this is the kind of stuff I keep inside…so whatever.

And two eyes… because in my favorite board game (and I play a LOT of board games), Go, in order for a group of pieces to survive, they must form a structure with two eyes (which is the logo of my website), where the pieces are mutually supporting each other in order to “breathe” and stay alive…in my view, this is a powerful metaphor for what movements for social justice should be doing… building spaces of mutual support where each of us can breathe, where we can mutually inspire each other… we can form communities of two eyes, where even if everything else around us is going wrong, we still survive… and outlive those things, those social ystems, those people… who are against us living fully.

And so, this is my blog… this is the kind of stuff it’s about…life, the struggle for justice, discovery, love, creativity, relationships, games, ideas…

And because I am starting it here, in Guatemala, where I am studying Spanish for six weeks… it will begin with a lot of stories… funny, serious, political, linguistic… this site is going to be all over the place, I guarantee… and that’s the point. Because I, in all my authenticity, am all over the place. I hope you can handle that.

Love you, each of you,


PS For my family members reading this, I know that much of my political thoughts/observations might alarm you or make you uncomfortable… and that’s okay… hopefully someday we can discuss it and learn from each other… and you know that I’ve always loved sharing my particular blend of leftist radicalism with you… I welcome any amount of debate/questions you want to email to me. My email is jeremy_louzao@yahoo.com. Please, please email me!!!

Currently Reading:

-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi


I think for me the 2 eyes open signifies the surest way to win a no-blinking contest. That’s it. End of story.

But seriously, it’s cool that it doess mean so many different things (to you). I’m glad you decided on it instead of your other front-runners:

gadzingus.com (not another yahoo.com clone)
dudeagainstdude.com (leave the dudes out of this)
jeremyspokeinclasstoday.com (ok, this one is cooler than 2 eyes open)

Regarding your questions on the Martin Buber point, the answers are no and “a bit.” In that order. I kid, but really that is the beauty of a blog. It’s your voice to craft however you want.

Please don’t leave out the politics. But really, don’t leave out the people you meet, the places you see, the unique culture that surrounds you. Have a good time! Oh… and don’t forget to tell us the Legend of Paradise Cove!

Wow – I like it and agree with your basic tenets. Keep it coming – I look forward to hearing more! Take care, Laurie

Hey Jerm ..so sorry I haven’t had a moment to check this incredible blog out!! I LOVE it! Martin Buber . .who knew?!! 🙂 I have always known our souls were connected and now I know why! So glad to get to participate in your adventures and struggles and best of all hearing them as if you are talking right here with us. I am so going to enjoy just sitting and listening to your experiences when you return. Be safe and keep the sharing coming . ..much love from the gang at Tyee!
hugs, Colleen

sds. i have some friends in seattle. be in touch and i’ll let you know who.
best wishes alan haber

I am still waiting for those links you promised me you slacker!
PS- drop me a line and tell me how you are- ok?

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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