I’m Heading To The Mountains…

For two weeks, this blog will probably be silent, because I’m heading to a language school in the mountains for two weeks, where there is no phone or computers. At the school, I will live in a dorm with 9 other students, and I will eat three meals a day in the homes of people living in the neighboring village…who collectively own a coffee plantation connected with the school…see, all of the profits from these schools I’m going to go to cooperative projects like this…still I’ll be interested to see how this experience is…will it be healthy and cooperative and social, or will it be a weird, racist kind of “let’s go look at the quaint brown people in their quaint huts.” From what I hear, many of these families in the mountains are very politically active, and so I look forward to talking with them about our respective countries. Most of them are Mayan (as is the slight majority of the country, as opposed to being Ladino or mixed Spanish blood)…and they speak Spanish as a second language, with one or another Mayan language being their first language. In Guatemala, the majority Mayan, indigenous people are poor, and they have experienced a lot of discrimination over the years…and Mayans were the primary force behind the guerilla movements that existed in this country for 36 years (until the peace accords in 1996).

So, until 2 weeks from now, I love all of you, and I hope you’ll write to me and comment here, even though I won’t be able to write back for awhile.

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