The Scariest Moment So Far…

Picture the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Picture me walking home alone, in the dark, through narrow, poorly lit streets. It is raining, and it is my first night here and I am almost lost, just barely finding my way back to my house from the school. I come upon a street, where in front of me there are 13 or more dogs laying in the middle of the street, in my path. Suddenly, another dog walks up to the group, they all hop up, start growling and a few start barking…I am only ten feet away, and I’m hoping this mob of dogs won’t start growling at me…I’m just standing there, frozen…and then…suddenly, the whole pack (this is border collies, labs, retrievers, mutts) turns towards me and starts trotting! I start walking slowly backwards, but I feel like all is lost…if I run they can catch up…so if they’re going to attack me, they’re going to attack me…

…but no, they just trot on by, like I am invisible…and that is that…

…but it sure is a fun memory.

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-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi


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