Can Dogs Be Racist? You Bet They Can…

Yes, dogs can be racist. How do I know? Because of the 3 dogs at the mountain school. Anytime there is a North American in the driveway, approaching the school, whatever, they are totally calm…they trot up, they turn over on their backs to be scratched (yet funnily they never actually get scratched, because they are so dirty and flea-ridden and scarred up)…yet almost any time they see a Guatemalan, of any age, the three of them charge forward, barking and snarling, chasing kids down…and so the kids who come on Wednesdays are often scared to come near the school for fear of the dogs…and two times I actually escorted kids past the dogs…with my magical soothing white skin to keep the dogs at bay…

So weird, yet a completely true story.

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Christopher O'Connell

Hi Jeremy

How are you? Remember me? I filled in for Lynn at the Mountain School for a few days in early August.

I noticed the same behavior in the dogs as you did, but I don’t think skin color is the determining factor. One week we had three African-American students at the school, and another U.S. student with brown skin, and the dogs always treated them like the other gringos. I think the dogs are conditioned to scent, like most dogs. The gringo smell of Proctor and Gamble products = GOOD person. Smell of earth and body oils = person to bark at.
That is my hypothesis. It still produces a creepy dynamic. The dog’s racism is scent based, not vision based like humans, so their outgroups are organized by different criteria.

I came across your site here doing a Google search, it is very interesting, thanks for the insights.

dogs dont like black people and that is final