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Something that I’ve noticed is that I really don’t write much about the main thing I’m doing down here: studying Spanish. I really haven’t discussed how easy or hard it is for me…mainly because there’s so much else to talk about. However, while I’m still in this country, I want to dedicate some space to it.

I have loved learning Spanish. It has been coming very easy to me. The grammar has always been really interesting to learn, and it has also come relatively easy to me. My teachers have told me that I demonstrate a strong capacity to learn languages and I don’t really know if that’s true because I’m really insecure…but I’ve recieved enough strongly positive comments from enough different people that I believe it a little.

However, I do know that talking is hard for me. I’m slow, unless the conversation is politics, and then I speed up and talk a lot better…and I still can’t understand a thing when people are talking fast…but when things are slow, or I can read it, I understand everything but the smattering of words I don’t know…and that’s just a matter of learning more and more vocabulary.

My writing is my proudest thing. I’ve written probably about 20 pages worth of papers in Spanish here, and I think they’ve been some rather interesting papers (my last one was basically my atheism post, but in Spanish, as preparation for a really interesting conversation with my evangelical teacher this last week)…and I think my writing style translates well into Spanish, so I can actually have nice rhythm and imagery.

Now, when I get home to Seattle I have a difficult road ahead. I have to keep reading constantly, writing, learning new words and many idiomatic expressions, polishing the few points of grammar I still find a bit slippery (prepositions and actually a little bit of past tense which trips me up sometimes)…but especially talking. I don’t know, I think I might become one of those white people who orders in Spanish in Mexican restaurants…is that a bad thing…I don’t know…

For some reason, I really want to watch the lord of the rings trilogy in Spanish…

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