Can’t Believe I Wrote That Obama Post…

I think I’ve become so entranced with what has happened in Latin American electoral politics (that is, social movment oriented politicians actually winning power and making real changes…not always but sometimes…watch Ecuador…I like Correa way more than Chavez…he actually talks about sexism) that I fooled myself into thinking it could happen here anytime soon.  It won’t happen here, and certainly not with Obama…it seems that he’s mostly still bought into same old elite electoral system–read this:
(By the way, can someone contact me and tell me how to more elegantly add links in these posts?  I forget)

So, basically I will of course vote for him when the time comes, but I’m not going to get excited about him…at least not for now.

And I should probably cancel my registration and blog on

Seriously, what was I thinking.

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