Nerd Stuff…

Need to bring some other parts of myself to this blog.  So with that, some nerd stuff:

-I have been spending about two hours a day lately playing a game called Star Chamber online.  ( It’s like a cross between a collectible card game (like Magic) and a board game…with a Star-Treky sci-fi theme.  It’s basically one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and I’m a total addict.  I’d love to play my friends on it, so maybe you should look into it.  It does cost a bit of money to get cards…but there is a strong player community that’ll give you tons of free cards.  They’ve given me hundreds.

-Recently read the sci-fi/woo-woo-fiction novel “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” and even with witchraft and magic and stuff I absolutely loved it.  It reminded me once again of the spirituality of my politics…and how so much of what I believe is rooted in a simple love for life and people and animals, even if I end up getting distracted by big-word theory sometimes.

-I love  and I really have gotten into the fake tech-show called “infinite solutions.”  See if you like it.

-I also am a sucker for Saturday Night Live’s digital shorts…I love the newer “laser cats” ones.  When I was 8, my brother and I made a homemade “Aliens 3” that was almost exactly like those videos.

-I tell my friends that the movie “Children of Men” was a movie for people like us.  It’s the best movie I’ve paid $9 for in awhile.  Also Dreamgirls…loved it.  And I laughed more than I’ll admit at “Music and Lyrics” with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore (saw it with my parents, okay!)

There’s much more nerd stuff that I keep inside.  Maybe another day.

Currently Reading:

-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi


Children of Men? Really? I thought it had a whole lotta whiteness going on… Brown people in that movie were either in need of saving or irrational terrorists. WTF?!

It did have the best action sequences I’ve ever seen, though.

Ah, got me Andrew! You are totally right. I still would say that I enjoyed it and it’s interesting, but politically I should have been more clear (and should have been thinking more clearly). I guess I had stars in my eyes that I was watching a political movie, I didn’t go any deeper. Anyhow, thanks for bringing that up, Andrew.

See, this is why I need to actually get out and talk with folks more and not see movies by myself (which I did)…I end up praising movies without fully thinking about them.

Also, just checked out your blog! Fancy and with good writing and subject matter…I was very excited to read it! I need to put more pictures and links on this thing…the problem is that I don’t know how. My friend set it up for me and I am helpless beyond writing posts and deleting the hundreds of spam comments I seem to recieve every week.

Thanks for writing, Andrew, and also for putting me in check.

Oh, but PS I didn’t think the terrorists were irrational. I thought the guy near the end saying that thing like, “how could this ever be peaceful,” was compelling, not crazy.

Though the white dude as savior of black woman and black baby was definitely…yeah.

*Spoiler alert!*

I got the “irrational terrorist” angle from the fact that they orchestrated this whole conspiracy to kill the Julianne Moore character, and their willingness to kill everyone for their Uprising.

Like, why would they kill Michael Caine’s character if the movie wasn’t working overtime to make them out to be evil?

Which was tough for me to swallow in terms of the film, I guess, ‘cuz like you I was prone to sympathize with them and their dilemmas about violence, et.

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. makes things really easy, so I can’t really take any of the credit for that.