Bolivarian Student Leaders Kick Ass!

Read this now.

If you understand Spanish, you can then watch the whole National Assembly debate here, and it is amazing. It’s history in the making, a major victory for the Venezuelan revolutionary process, and a clear sign of the kind of deep debate that many Bolivarians are willing to accept and are pushing for down there. What an incredible blow against the opposition.

You also should check venezuela analysis to read some other new articles about the progress of the revolution, and especially the article about communal power vs. capitalism…it’s all so exciting.

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Fascinating article. I’d only add a coulpe little bits of colour. For example, after all the Iranians in Petropars were sent home prior to 2008, the assistant who remained in Venezuela was Venezuelan. And the company president traded off, one month in Venezuela, one month in Iran. I became aware of this shortly after Bloomberg wrote that Petropars was planning a giant joint venture oil company with PDVSA. I kept constantly calling the offices, but no one was ever there. That’s when I realized the whole thing was vapourware.Also very nice way to gloss the supposed terror links. You get it just right.