Four Months Later…

I’m officially married…Glendi is living at the house with me…I joined and then withdrew from a Master’s in Teaching Program…I’m about to start a new job as a co-director of a youth empowerment non-profit…my hair’s getting long…a center-leftist won the presidency of Guatemala!

But mostly, I’m really happy these days. And I’m thinking about a whole bunch of stuff. So now it’s time to start writing again!

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-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi

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“Shared Presence II”

You feel pressed to write
As if you were behind in life
If this is how it is then get in step with yourself
Bring your portion
Generosity, the miraculous revolt
Actually you are behind in life
Unutterable life
The only thing to which in the end
You’d agree to be wed
The thing denied you daily by all beings all events
Out of which you wrest painfully now and then
A few meagre emaciated fragments
After heartless battles
At the close of which there’s nothing
But agonized submission the crude finish
If you meet death in the midst of your struggles
Accept it as if it were a dry cloth for a perspiring neck
As you stoop down
If you want to laugh
Give in
Don’t fight
You were created for uncommon moments
Transform yourself disappear without regret
At the whim of sweet certainties
Section by section the dismantling of the world proceeds
Without interruption
Without deviation

Let the dust swarm
No one will divulge your wholeness.

-René Char