Quick Life Update…

Just a random smattering of updates and thoughts…

-Glendi just left for two months in Guatemala. I miss her a lot. It’s hard when we’re apart, especially when we’re both in very different contexts. More money on phone cards once again! And then in February I’m heading down for two weeks and I am so, so excited!

-Currently reading Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. That book is blowing me away. For some reason (probably because I haven’t read a non-fantasy book in awhile, shame on me), this book is really getting my imagination going, not just my anger. Giving me a lot that I want to eventually write about here.

-Right now I’m playing around with two game designs: Struggle (tentative name), a customizable card game based around radical politics and social movements. And another cooperative board game in which each player represents a region of a country that has recently had a revolution, and you have to make the new socialist economy work for everyone in a participatory way. Both have basic rules and turn orders outlined. But I always get hung up on the math. I guess I just need to kick out some prototypes, play with some eager and patient friends, and then tweak the math and balance from there. Someday I might have my game design collective!

-Got an electronic USB music Keyboard for Christmas from Glendi and my folks. I want to learn how to play some music. I think there is a really good songwriter hidden away within me. Painter or sculptor? No! But potential songwriter? I think possibly.

-Work feels like work. Shouldn’t feel this way, it should feel more fun, like dream jobs are supposed to feel. But it feels like work. Slogging, struggling, bubbling, gubbling work!

-I’m really upset about what is happening in Gaza, and I wish I understood more. The fiction that modern war creates is often so much stronger than the reality, no matter how many lives are taken (especially when those lives come from poor and brown countries).

-If you don’t already know, I absolutely love Karaoke. We ordered a new microphone for our house, and I can’t wait until it arrives and I can sing anew!

Currently Reading:

-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi