How Strange They Are, The Power Elite…

Still thinking about the economic crisis, and had to take a break from work to write a little bit more.

Why is it so easy for powerful people to decide on and carry out plans that lead to the massive bombing of entire countries, the destruction of entire neighborhoods filled with families, culture, history, and the future of a people? And why is to so damn hard for those same powerful people to think boldly and radically about seizing and re-organizing the assets of massive, heartless firms who have squandered and stolen the world’s money and destroyed the dreams and retirement savings of millions?

Why is the boldness of mass murder so quick to their lips and yet the boldness of economic redistribution completely off the table? Of course, I know the answer, but isn’t it obscene to think about? That millions of people–mostly brown people in other countries who speak other languages–don’t matter for shit. But a handful of absolutely amoral millionaires (who will remain millionaires throughout this economic crisis!) have us wringing our hands about what to do with them. This is an obscenity. And we all know it.

Seriously, the President has authority to BOMB and INVADE entire nations within a couple of months without even seeking authorization…and yet his hands are tied with even $165 million of taxpayer money being siphoned into bonuses? What? I said, what?

This is why I work for social revolution, and why I won’t give that ideal up anytime soon. This system is an outrage. A complete and total outrage. What a stupid world.

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-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi