Prepare To Be Disgusted…

Check it out…the 9.12 project.

A right-wing Obama resistance movement? Have you read their 12 values? What? They are laughably bad, like bad writing that a liberal would do of conservatives.

But, clearly there is a following, and Chuck Norris, of all people, has referenced groups like this as having cells all over the nation waiting for the time of a “second American Revolution.” Oh my god. The polarization continues. Get ready for a new round of militia movements, but this time 21st century style. I’m sure they are all about “learning from our terrorist enemy” and are all into decentralization and internet-based organizing. Even the use of the word “cell” is interesting, huh?

Get ready, the next 4-8 years are going to be a very bumpy ride. We gotta be on our toes.

Update: The first article I found on there was a link to an article about new birth-rate statistics. Wow, how racialized do you need go get? The poor brown people are going to take over? The unwed are spreading? Wow! Just wow! Are these people for real? I mean, we know they are, but really??

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