Life Is Fascinating

To the few or none who read my blog regularly, I want to give you some notice: I’m obviously feeling the need to really think through a lot of emotions and life stuff right now, and this page is my favorite place to do that thinking. So I just hope you’ll be patient as I do all of this thinking and feeling out loud…

Yesterday I was thinking about how interesting life is on so many levels. The diversity of it. The tenacity of it. And most interesting of all, how life makes all living things into subjects of their own story. That is just thrilling to me. The idea that for almost every living thing, they are the center of the universe. Their perception. Their connection to life and the world. The perspective and experiences of a grasshopper or fish are equally present for them as my own for me.

I like thinking about this in relation to my own life and interests and needs. The things that matter to me, the things that make me fret or cry or yearn are so deeply connected to me…and they really don’t have much relevance beyond me. That is, a person trying to survive a morning bombing run by the U.S. military is going to have wholly different priorities than me. They aren’t worrying about non-profit management or what the activist community thinks of them the way that I do. This, of course, is thoroughly linked with more structural questions of power, privilege, opportunity, but right now I’m just thinking about the pure fact of it. That life inherently means a plurality of subjectivities. And that is cool.

Maybe right now you are reading this and you are fretting about something in your life. Maybe you have self-doubts that are similar to mine, but for different reasons. Isn’t it special to pause and recognize the complete uniqueness, and overall global insignificance of that fretting. I just want to recognize you for a moment, recognize your fretting and self-doubt…and let us remind ourselves that life and the world are so much bigger than our own little boxed perspectives.

It is cliche because it is true. My life will go on if I miss a deadline, or if I screw up in my personal life. My life will go on if I am lazy one day or overzealous another. My life will go on, and it will still be running parallel with so many other beautiful lives.

Good morning, then. And I hope you have a good day as your time and life run alongside my own.

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