July 2009

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So, how about this economic crisis, huh?

California and Illinois going broke. OFFICIAL broad unemployment figures at 16.5%. We’re facing something serious. Something I still can’t get my imagination around.

Just got a letter from a funder at the non-profit where I work. 2/3 of all foundations are suspending or re-evaluating their grant programs for 2009. Non-profits all over Seattle are falling or are on the verge of falling. It’s the end of a certain era.

As more and more grants are cut, and social services are slashed, there will be very few ways to contain the anger and necessities of millions of people…which means that revolt is imminent!!!


It means that despair and shame are on the horizon, now more than ever. Strange crimes and all sorts of examples of internalized oppression. When class consciousness is so foreign to U.S. culture, the anger turns inward, or outward at some marginalized “other” such as undocumented immigrants, other P.O.C. communities, queer folks, etc.

And without its non-profits what will the left do? Hopefully we’ll get more grassroots, get back in touch with our base communities. But I don’t know. Like I said, I can’t fit this economic crisis into my imagination yet. I think my entire life of economic privilege has made the idea of not having, of not knowing where the money will come from…well, it just doesn’t come very easily to me.

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