The State of the “Organization Question?”

Can someone fill me in? In current anti-authoritarian circles, what is the current state of dialogue/debate about forming organizations? Any new regional or national initiatives? Any new compelling arguments why we shouldn’t be talking about that question right now?

Because I’m really baffled about why more people aren’t trying? Where is our modern Love and Rage, or Movement For A New Society, or whatever else?

This isn’t rhetorical, I actually feel out of the loop and would love for someone to tell me where those discussions are at right now.

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-Dispersing Power by Raul Zibechi


I know of no one in Seattle who’s talking about this. The dominant (most visible?) tendency seems to be insurrectionist/nihilist, which seems to be largely opposed to organizations and highly critical of mass movements. At least, those are the folks who are openly identifying as anarchists. I know a lot of movement-oriented anarchists, we just aren’t coming together as such right now, which is a shame.

The CSAC groups are in the process of national regroupment:

More has been going on behind the scenes – but it’s still a ways from going live.