Where Do You Stand?

Found this in my drafts. Wrote it in 2011. Given the gun control debacle, the overturning of the Guatemala genocide case, the 26,000+ sexual assaults that are happening annually in the military alone, the surreal monstrosity of Guantanamo, the crossing of the 400ppm carbon threshold, this seems appropriate right about now.

Where do you stand?

That is the question that we should be asking, constantly. The refrain. The invitation.

At this point, the stakes are so clear, the realities are so stark, the trajectory is so predictable that it is no longer truly a matter of debate about what is happening in our world. It is known. We know it. And we know, quite clearly now, that those who continue to express doubt about naming it have a vested interest in the confusion. The deniers are now caricatures of themselves. There is no going back from that. It is now common knowledge.

There is a millenia long war going on, and it’s now not even happening too slowly to notice it. It’s rocketing along. It is a war against almost all of us. It’s a war with ever multiplying targets. Like I said, we know this. It’s so well known that it’s boring.

So then it’s simple. Where do you stand? What are you doing? How are you going to contribute to ending the war? That should be the question. That should be as basic a getting to know you question as “what’s your sign?” or “what’s your favorite type of music.” Because the war is more constant than the weather. It’s not an “are you political?” thing. That would be acting like this is about opinions. This isn’t about opinions. It’s not an opinion where our water is going. It’s not an opinion who makes my stuff, and what it costs them. It’s not an opinion that each day not fighting is a day that they are consolidating power. And it’s not an opinion that there is a “they.” There is. They know it, and so do we.

So where do you stand? Everyone has an answer, whether implicit or no, and so everyone should be asked it. Because it’s going to take quite nearly everyone to turn this thing around.

I know that where I stand shifts. I know that I waver, I wobble. We do this a lot. I can live with that, and I will. But still, I know where I stand.

There is now no doubt that this thing is broken. Where do you stand on trying to help get it fixed?

Oops…now I remember why I didn’t ever post this! I thought it was too ableist to frame everything around “standing.” I’m going to ponder this a bit and maybe edit it or take it down. Hope you don’t mind seeing me in process.

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